Veterans Beating the Stereotype

Morgan Vincent

     For years veterans have had many events held in their honor as well as many corporations honoring them with promotions. There are people think that label them with stereotypes, thinking they take advantage of these services, but many see them as a well deserved reward for all their contributions.

     Here in Stow, we offer a veterans day breakfast celebration at most schools in the district. The breakfast allows the veterans to spend time with their loved ones as well as feast on their favorite breakfast goodies during the school day.

     Senior, Gabby Hawk addressed how she felt about veterans and how the services they receive can impact them greatly.    

   “My uncle is actually a Marine Veteran so I have a good idea of how he feels. When I think of veterans, I think of them as brave, resilient, and courageous people,” Hawk said. 

     Most people feel that the veterans cherish all the events held for them and that they have worked so hard that they have earned it. 

    “I feel that all the benefits for them are rightfully deserved and that most veterans appreciate all of them,” Hawk said.

    Although there are numerous services already available for veterans, many feel that there should be more and that there should be easier access to them as well. 

    There is a wide variety of things that veterans could benefit from that go far beyond freebies and luncheons. Services such as counseling and support groups can be implemented as well for an easier transition out of the service.

    “I think more rehab and therapy should be offered for them because many veterans who have been in combat suffer from severe mental illnesses,” Hawk said.

     In the future it is likely there will be more support offered for Veterans, but as for now, the services we have will continue to be offered for them.



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