Volley for a Cure

Ayla Morris

  The stow girl’s volleyball team is raising awareness one game a time. They are doing volley for a cure which is for awareness for breast cancer. 

    This event includes a game, a bake sale, and raffle baskets. The money goes toward the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. 

    Not only is it for a great cause but the players are glad to be there. “I love getting to participate it’s for a great cause. When we participate we are making a difference and helping such an amazing cause it’s also a really good program and bonding experience”,senior, Sara Day said.

    It is a great event to be involved with and the players know it. “What I love most about this is I know I’m getting back to my community and knowing I am helping to make an impact on Breast Cancer awareness month”, senior, Daniel Nichols said

     Many people came out to support this event. This included the parents of players, students, friends of players, and some of Stow’s cheerleaders. The raffle baskets and bake sale goods were bought by attendants of the game. 

    “It felt good knowing that I wasn’t spending money just to win a basket or to eat a cookie. It was for a good cause to help others”, junior, Sydney Braunscheidel said.

     There was a huge turn out of supporters who came to Volley For a Cure. “I like having all the people come out to support Stow volleyball and this amazing cause and I like how close it bring our community. I think that Volley For the Cure is always our biggest turnout”, Braunscheidel said. 

    Sadly this event affects many people. “ It really hits home because I have a few people in my family that have been diagnosed with cancer and they have either gotten through it or they’re still  going through it so it means a lot to give back”, Nichols said. 

     Sadly Stow lost 20-25 in the first game, lost 18-25 in the second, and lost 22-25 in the last. Despite losing, this was a great event that brought many people together from Stow’s community. 

    Stow’s Volley For a Cure is a great event which raises lots of money for a really good cause. 



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