Luke Bryan Concert Review

Ashley Hutchinson

     Saturday, September 14, was a busy day at Blossom Music Center. Country singer Luke Bryan made an Ohio appearance while on his Sunset Repeat tour. 

     The concert was said to start at 7 pm, but Bryan did not make an appearance until around 9:30. Instead, the audience watched the opening acts perform. The two opening acts included Jon Langston and Cole Swindell, both of whom are also country singers. 

     Blossom Music Center was designed to hold about 23,000 people, and every single ticket to this concert was completely sold out. 

     Jon Langston was a decent opening act, but most of the audience was not familiar with his music. Cole Swindell, however, was a big hit among the crowd because his songs seemed to be more well-known. 

     “I enjoyed one of them, Cole Swindell, but not the other one because I did not know his music that well,” junior Hayley Kohler said after attending the concert.

     Overall, the concert was an amazing experience. “I enjoyed it because I knew all of the songs that he performed,” Kohler said.

     Bryan’s set list was around 23 songs long and included crowd favorites such as “Knockin’ Boots”, “That’s my Kind of Night” and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”. 

     My personal favorite was “Knockin’ Boots” because it is his most recent song and it was the most popular among the audience. It was such a cool experience when every single person knew the song and had a blast dancing to it.

     The concert production was done very well and no improvements were needed there. All of the acts ran smoothly and each of the performers did a wonderful job. 

    The only negative, for me personally, is that he did not perform a few of the songs I really like. However, this was balanced out because I discovered new songs that I had never heard before and I came to love them just as much.

     I would definitely attend one of his concerts again. It was so much fun and was a very memorable experience for me. His next concerts will also include new songs, which will be a good change. 

     Luke Bryan’s Sunset Repeat tour was a concert that I will never forget. 




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