Post Malone Album Review

Brianna Doctor 

     Nearly a year after releasing his second album, Post Malone has finally released his newest 17 track album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, for his fans who have long awaited new music from the talented artist. 

     Since July, Malone has been teasing his fans with new music. He released his top hit “Goodbyes” featuring Young Thug, and a week before releasing his album, Malone dropped one more song “Circles” to give his fans a little taste of what was to come on Hollywood’s Bleeding.

     Malone has been entertaining people with his music since 2016 when he released his first album, Stoney. Two years later he released his second hip-hop based album, beerbongs and bentleys

     For years, Malone has been known for being a hip-hop artist, but his newest album is more pop-focused this time around. Hollywood’s Bleeding contains many sentimental songs that fans listening can relate to.   

     With songs like “A Thousand Bad Times’ and “Allergic”, Malone gives his audience some energetic beats while singing about his relationship issues.

     Malone is no stranger to heartbreak, and through a beautiful pop collaboration with SZA called “Staring at the Sun”, he describes a troubled past relationship in which his lover is blinded by her thoughts that Malone can change, but this will never happen. 

     Through another more down to earth collaboration about heartbreak, Malone describes the feeling of betrayal from a past lover in the song “Die For Me” featuring Future and Halsey. 

     Although Malone’s new album is more pop, he still includes his hip-hop roots through a couple of songs that feature collaborations with rap artists, DaBaby, Lil Baby, and Meek Mill. 

     In his song “On the Road”, Malone, Lil Baby, and Meek Mill explain all the ups and downs they go through by themselves while creating their music. Next, Malone sings about his “Enemies.” He explains how his friends who had let him down turned into his enemies with rapper DaBaby. 

     In his previous album, Malone let his fans know that he was not afraid to flex his success. In Hollywood’s Bleeding, he still sings about his fame, but this time, in his new pop style..

     Malone sings about all of the things he has, and how he has worked so hard to receive those things in the song “Saint-Tropez.” In addition, Malone sings about how he does whatever wants so he can be whatever he wants in “I’m Gonna Be.”

     Malone’s best collaboration may come as a surprise to listeners. In his song “Take What You Want”, Malone creates a perfect balance of heavy metal and hip-hop with artists, Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott, as they sing about a toxic lover.

     Only 2 days after releasing his newest album, Malone has taken over song charts on both Apple Music and Spotify. 

     Malone also announced his new Hollywood’s Bleeding merchandise: t-shirts in multiple colors with multiple designs, sweatshirts, and CD’s. His merchandise is available at

     In support of his newest album, Malone kicks of his Runaway Tour Sept. 14, and the tour will run through Nov 20. He will be accompanied by Swae Lee and Tyla Yaweh.

     For most Post Malone fans, his newest album is on repeat, but for those who have not listened to his amazing new music, it is now available to stream on all music outlets. 

     Hollywood’s Bleeding is an album with music different from the typical hip-hop rhythms Malone is known for, yet he has successfully made an album full of songs that contain deeper meanings for fans to relate to while creating catchy tunes to keep listeners coming back for more.





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