Break Ins Within the Community

Lauren Rayman

    Stow’s police are currently looking for the man responsible for breaking into eight different businesses in the city. The first break-in occurred on Sunday, February 24, and the most recent occurred on Tuesday, April 16.

    According to, the eight businesses broken into were Nervous Dog Cafe, Los Girasoles, Famous Hair, Tong Tong, Tavern of Stow, Gavin Scott Salon, Ms. Miki’s Gymnastics and Take 5 Oil Change.

    Marquette School of Dance also reported damage to one of their doors, according to MyTownNeo. The studio did not appear to have been entered.

    MyTownNeo reported that three businesses, Los Girasoles, Nervous Dog Cafe and Famous Hair, were broken into the night of February 24-25.

    Los Girasoles and Nervous Dog Cafe both reported money stolen from the businesses.

    Located on Steels Point Drive, Famous Hair on Hudson Drive is a short five minute drive away. Famous Hair reported that a hair dryer and iron were stolen, but did not report any money missing.

    Tong Tong’s on Norton Road was broken into shortly over a week after the first three businesses on the night of March 3-4. The restaurant reported parts of their security system stolen, along with $200 cash. Additionally, a television set was damaged during the break-in.

    The break-ins slowed down for over a month, with the next string occurring during the nights of April 14-15 and April 15-16.

    On the night of April 14-15, the burglar hit three businesses and attempted a fourth on Darrow Road. All of the businesses robbed that night are in extremely close proximity of each other.

    Gavin Scott Salon, Tavern of Stow and Ms. Miki’s Gymnastics all reported break-ins that night. Parts of their security systems were stolen from Gavin Scott Salon and Tavern of Stow. A safe was also reported missing from the Tavern of Stow

    A police report from Ms. Miki’s Gymnastics said that the door was pried open and the burglar entered the gym. Although items were disturbed, nothing was reported to be stolen.

    Marquette School of Dance appeared to be the next victim of a break-in that night. The studio reported damage to one of their doors, but the burglar did not appear to make it inside the building.

    The following night of April 15-16, the robberies made their entrance on Kent Road at Take 5 Oil Change. Luckily that night, Take 5 Oil Change appeared to be the only business broken into.

    According to the police report filed by Take 5 Oil Change, the burglar broke a garage bay window to get into the business. $845 and Take 5’s digital video recorder security system were reported stolen. A safe was also reported to have been damaged during the break-in.

    Stow’s police do not have much security footage of the burglar. He appears to be a white male, with a light colored SUV appearing to be involved in the break-ins.

    Citizens of Stow are encouraged to contact Detective Jeff Swanson at 330-689-5727 if they have any information on the suspect or individuals involved. $5,000 is being offered by Summit County Crime Stoppers for information potentially leading to the arrest of the suspect.



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