Changes Coming to the Cafeteria

Abigail Kuhns

    In the past months, the cafeteria has been making changes in order to keep from cutting funding to other programs and salaries.

     First, the school system cutting all food sales through clubs during the school day and the high school cafeteria recently updated their silverware policy. Now, students who bring a lunch from home have to pay 25 cents for a packet which consists of a spoon, fork, napkin and straw.

     Many students in the high school will bring a lunch and rely on the cafeteria for such items. These students who rely on the cafeteria every day will now be paying 45 dollars a year over a 180 day school year for silverware packets.

     I experienced this first hand and was shocked by the news along with many other student who have been told to pay 25 cents.

    Senior Bissan Obaid has had incidents in the cafeteria where they would not let her have a dressing packet without buying a lunch while I have gone up and asked and they just handed me one.

    “One time I went back to go get a ranch packet for my sister and they said I was not allowed to have one because I didn’t have my lunch with me. It was really frustrating considering students don’t have to pay extra for those when you buy a school lunch,” Obaid said.

    Multiple students have noticed the cafeteria policies depend on the line of staff member they go through.

    Obaid said, “I think if they’re going to make students pay for silverware than they need to make everyone pay for it instead of just the select ones they see.”


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