Five Feet Apart Movie Review

Cori Van Orman

IMDb rating: 7.1/10

Personal rating: 8/10

    5 Feet Apart was a very touching movie about cystic fibrosis patients. CF patients are not supposed to get too close to each other.

    Stella, a CF patient has a hospital visit where she has to stay and work on her regime. Her best friend, Poe, also has CF and they can hang out as long as they take the appropriate steps and keep their distance.

    Stella meets Will, a cystic fibrosis patient with a lung bacteria issue. Nurse Barb, Stella’s favorite nurse, tells her to stay away from him so that she does not get the fungus.

    She cannot stay away from him and is very attracted to him. They get very close and it causes a lot of problems in the long run.

    Over time, as Stella and Will get closer, Nurse Barb finds out and tries her hardest to put an end to it.

    The kids take a stand against their disease and try to fight for the relationship and feelings they have for each other.

    This movie envokes many emotions. It has happy moments of romance, love, passion, and overall happy events. However, this movie is sad and hard to watch at times. These kids are faced with death and illness and the inability to hug each other due to the shared disease.

    It is incredibly hard to imagine a life where someone cannot hug their best friend. It is hard for them to sit around and take treatments and pray for a new set of lungs every so many years.

    Doctors, nurses, and CF families have gone to see 5 Feet Apart. Although they agree the movie is touching and sweet, some of the events do not match with real CF events. Some of the facts do not align with real life, but overall everyone can agree the movie has a great message and meaning and is worth everyone’s time to go see.


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