“You” TV Show Review


Cori Van Orman

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Personal Rating: 8/10

    Netflix has recently put “You” on their app. “You” is a very unique show with many twists and turns throughout the first season.

    Although there is only one season out now, it is an awesome show to sit down and binge for hours. “You” will have people in absolute shock.

    The show starts with the main character, Joe, talking to Beck, the girl he falls for, through his thoughts. He is recounting the events of meeting her to show us the events leading up to the future.

    He talks of how he immediately falls for her and he begins to follow her. He finds where she lives and stands outside her apartment watching her.

     Joe uses his secret knowledge of her to his advantage and tricks her boyfriend into meeting him. After making the boyfriend disappear he gets Beck to go out with him.

    He continues to stalk her and her friends for months. After Joe and Beck have a solid relationship he finds out some secrets about her best friend Peach. Beck tries to track down his ex Candace and that causes them to have a life altering fight.

    Near the end of the show, Beck finds a box of Joe’s hidden treasures. This box includes inappropriate items and cell phones of all Joe’s hidden secrets.

    “You” talks of how stalking and love can take a dangerous turn and become terrible. It tries to warn people of the effects of toxic traits and people.                   

    This show is a great way to teach people to be conscious about who they talk to and who they trust. Joe is a very good representation of a man who seems trustworthy and kind based on his job and personality. It is important for people to be aware of their surroundings and who they let into their lives.

    I loved this show. It helped me realize that everyone is not who they seem. If you are looking for a good show with meaning behind it, “You” is a great place to start. Binge-worthy with a touch of teaching is important in a good show.

    This show sucks people in and forces them to rethink dangerous situations they make be putting themselves into by interacting with people they know nothing about.


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