Stress from the ACT

Abigail Kuhns

     Many students experience some test anxiety as the ACT quickly approaches.
     For some the free test provided by the school will be the first time they take the ACT; however, for others this is just an opportunity to raise their previous score.
      Due to the fact an ACT score could determine the college one goes to, many people stress heavily when it comes to this test.
      Junior Brandon Gorrell has experienced stress when thinking about the ACT as this will be his first time taking it.
      “I think it is difficult to prepare for the first time taking the ACT so I’m nervous because colleges rely so heavily on these tests,” Gorrell said

 Testing can be difficult for many students whether they have previous experience or not.

      Many students will take the ACT before their junior year to give them an edge, apply for College Credit Plus courses and give themselves more opportunities before applying to college.

      Junior Michael Payne has taken the ACT and feels more prepared than before, yet he feels it could still be tricky.

      Payne said, “I feel more ready this time because I know how the test is structured and I know how to manage my time.”


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