Kent Beatle Fest

Elissa Stanley
The sixth annual Kent Beatle Fest took place in the pubs and coffee shops of Kent on Friday, February 22. Several
locations offered live music from bands and individual singers, all singing famous tunes from the widely loved British rock
band, The Beatles.
The presumed “best group of all time” consists of four artists: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo
Starr. Originating in Liverpool England, the band started the so-called British Invasion, a cultural phenomenon of the ‘60s
when British musical acts became immensely popular in the United States.
Instantly, The Beatles gained an extreme amount of love in the United States. Fans continue to grow and love The Beatles
for their distinct style and influence. For the devoted fanbase, Downtown Kent hosts the Beatle Fest annually.
Consisting of tribute band lookalikes, individuals and duos, Kent Beatle Fest brings out the nostalgia and deep fondness
Beatles fans thrive on. Just one of the many talented bands, The Sunrise Jones, performed at Zephyr Pub.
The Sunrise Jones brought a surfeit of people into Zephyr, gleaming with their faithful, upbeat tone. Much of the crowd
loved the band, stoked by the lead singer’s voice being “oddly similar to John Lennon’s.” Lennon is an especially loved and
respected member of The Beatles, as lots of the lyrics and beats of the band came from Lennon himself. The crowd at Zephyr
Pub beamed with delight whenever his songs were performed.
The Sunrise Jones played many inspiring tracks written by Lennon. Ranging from the heartfelt, peaceful melody ‘Let It Be’
to the intense, hopeful song Lennon wrote when he was overwhelmed with fame ‘Help!’, the crowd ecstatically sang along.
The Sunrise Jones performed other appreciated hits, such as ‘Here Comes The Sun’, a song about becoming happy after
dark times, ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, a typical love song about being close to somebody and ‘Day Tripper’, what Lennon
called a “drug song.”
A rare but popular hit of the night called ‘We Can Work It Out’ written by McCartney and Lennon was performed, leaving
the crowd in chatter and awe. The song has a more personal meaning to McCartney; although, another loved lyric by Lennon
completes the track. “Life is very short. There’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.”
Another band by the name Abbey Road played at Dominick’s Pub. Some of the crowd at Zephyr said the band was a
“mirror image” of The Beatles, as they played with the same models of guitars, amps and drums the four used in their concerts.
At the end of the night, Kent was highly influenced by the fab four’s talent and uniqueness. Fans said The Beatles
“indefinitely changed America’s culture and altered the way music was made.”
The Kent Beatle Fest is a fun way to ‘Get Back’ with your friends and family for a night of rock and roll and dining. Kent
Beatle Fest happens each February 22.


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