Girl’s Lacrosse Preseason

Elissa Stanley

The girls lacrosse team has been working hard to get ready for regular season. With practices a few times a week, the team is growing stronger physically and mentally.
Mike Sheehan has been the girls lacrosse coach for five years. Sheehan aims to “provide the teaching and motivation to put the team in a position to win 16 plus games.” Preparing for the spring, Sheehan challenges the team to grow altogether, so that rivalries can be beaten.
“The team has been meeting 3 times per week splitting time between the weight room and conditioning. Many of the girls have been attending clinics to improve their Lax IQ.” Sheehan says. Sheehan and the girls hope to beat challenging teams like Green, Hoover, St Joseph, Brecksville and Brunswick.
Sheehan’s goals for the rest of the year include winning 16+ games, playing into the third round of state playoffs, scoring 144 goals as a team, and having less than 90 goals scored against Stow.
Senior Lexi Armstrong hopes to win more games than lose games and to keep improving as a team. Armstrong works on encouraging teammates as well. “I encourage teammates by helping them fix their mistakes or improve their skills rather than getting upset at them and making them feel bad” Armstrong says, “Sheehan always says a team is only as strong as the weakest player.”
Junior and goalie Audrey Stone’s season objective is to make an interception and clear an opponent’s score over the 75 yard line. Stone encourages herself by working hard every practice. “I have been focusing on improving my reaction time so I can be a better player.” Stone says.
Lacrosse has been an immensely growing sport in the US this decade. With the growing popularity and mass of new players, the girls must keep up their pace to beat oncoming teams. During the 2017-2018 year, girls lacrosse held a dominating record of 17 wins and 4 losses.
“The game brings me back every year” Senior Madie Gash says, “I love the person I become when I’m out on the field, it transforms me and makes me lose track of all time and I love it.”
Gash strives to constantly push herself; at the same time, reminds herself why she comes back each year –to endure her deep passion and talent for the game. Gash wishes for the team to be “the most positive, most hardworking and most skilled” in the league this year.
Gash is committed to play lacrosse in college for Ashland University, a private division II school in Ashland, Ohio ranked as a “Best College” in National Universities Tier 2.
“My goal is to continue to encourage my teammates and myself to be the best players we can be.” Gash says.
Main goals for the girls are to continue working hard and make it past the first round of playoffs. Stow lacrosse looks to keep getting better and end the season on a strong note.


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