The Scoop on New Years Resolutions

Elissa Stanley
As everyone enters 2019, abundances of New Year’s resolutions are being made. From making plans to stay fit to
trying to stay organized, the world’s goals are set to succeed, or fail.
At the high school, many different goals are being set for the new year.
Senior Alexa Mozqueda plans to “study more and follow directions.” According to statistics, 40 to 45 percent of Americans make one or more resolutions each year.
Statistics show that the top three New Year’s resolutions are weight loss, exercising in general, and stop smoking.75 percent of these resolutions make it to one week, as 71 percent make it to two and 64 percent make it to one
Many Americans do not even make resolutions, as 80% of resolutions fail by February, according to Business Insider. Junior Livi Edwards has decided not to make any resolutions for 2019. “I don’t have any that I could see
succeeding.” says Edwards.
As January begins to wrap up, studies show that it is recommended to enroll in an online course. These courses will help you stick to your resolution(s) as well as create a game plan.
Best of luck to anyone with a resolution they are striving to defeat!


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