Nothing To Hide Movie Review

Cori Van Orman
IMDb rating: 6.8/10
Personal Rating: 7/10
“Nothing to Hide” is a movie on Netflix about groups of couples who attend a dinner party together. They all decide to place their phones in the middle of the table and all read each others notifications.
One couple, Vincent and Marie, are having issues in their relationship and with their daughter. Vincent is a plastic surgeon and Marie is a shrink. Marie wants to see her own plastic surgeon so her husband will not touch her. Vincent is seeing a private shrink so his wife does not know his secrets.
A second couple, Marco and Charlotte, are having their own issues. Charlotte wants to send Marco’s mother to a retirement home and filled out her application without telling Marco. Marco is expecting the arrival of some inappropriate pictures.
In order to avoid getting into trouble, Marco switches his phone with his friend Ben’s and it appears that Ben receives a wild picture from a woman. Ben’s phone gets a text from a Julien and Marco has to act like Julien is his friend from work.
Things begin to wild and everyone is freaking out about the game. Everyone wants to quit but nobody wants to end it. The final couple, Thomas and Lea, are the only ones enjoying the game at the beginning. Eventually Lea’s ex calls her to ask advice and Thomas freaks out.
The crazy part about the night is that it is the night of a major eclipse. People all over are worried about wild things happening in the world.
Vincent and Marie’s daughter calls Vincent and asks if it is okay for her to have a relationship with a boy but not to tell her mother. Marie can hear the phone call and is very hurt and things start to turn south.
With everyone trying to hide secret relationships and secret lovers, things quickly get bad within the group. Spouses are fighting and friendships are crumbling.
This movie really hits for some people because many people are hiding secrets from their loved ones. This movie shows that eventually everything comes out and that nothing can stay hidden forever. “Nothing to Hide” shows that honesty in the beginning is always better.
This French movie is very interesting and the characters all go against their best instincts to protect their secrets and hide things from their friends and spouses.
There are so many twists in this movie and it keeps people watching to the end to figure out what everyone is hiding and why they cannot just tell their spouses.
“Nothing to Hide” is a French movie. It is easy to follow and has english subtitles. The movie can be switched from French to English if listening is better than reading.


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