Venom Movie Review

Hannah Bartels

    Imagine this: a giant reptile looking man with nonhuman abilities from outer space has an evil, diabolical plan to overthrow planet Earth and all of its people. The idea and type of villain sound pretty familiar. Venom is just like most hero/villian stories with a small twist.

    Venom takes place in San Francisco, California. Actor, Tom Hardy, plays Eddie Brock in the movie. Eddie is a journalist, famous for digging up dirt on public figures. He is engaged to a very skilled lawyer named Anne Weying, played by Michelle Williams.

    Everything in Eddie’s life seems to be going smooth until he makes a big slip up that leads him towards losing his job and his “soon to be” bride. Eddie’s life falls to pieces and he is swept off his feet.

    This mistake doesn’t stop Eddie from ending his personal investigation over an evil scientist by the name of Carlton Drake who does not let anything stop him from pursuing his goals. When Drake discovers an alien-like symbiote, he is determined to discover what possibilities the symbiotic can achieve.

       Eddie ends up getting so invested into his investigation, that he accidently lets a symbiote take over his body which gives him nonhuman powers and invincibility. The symbiote is Venom. Venom threatens Eddie with his life and tells him to do things that Eddie does not want to do so he can achieve his mission of overthrowing Earth.

    Drake quickly finds out what Eddie is up to and discovers that Eddie broke into his lab and stole his symbiote. Throughout the movie, he tries to get it back from him.

    Later on in the movie, Venom becomes convinced that Earth is a good place and decides that he wants to live on it with Eddie. Another evil and more powerful symbiote tries to kill Venom but Venom needs Eddie’s body to stop him from taking over Earth.

    Eddie finds out that Venom is slowly rotting his organs over the short period of time he spends in his body but is determined to stop the evil symbiote along with Venom.

    Some of the humor in Venom was somewhat corny at some points in the movie. However, the overall quality of the movie was fun, exciting and was mainly directed towards Venom and emphasizing his cool abilities.

    Venom is a great action-packed thriller for anyone who loves a twist to any superhero movie. And let’s face it, who would not want to see a movie about two giant, supernatural creatures fighting each other over planet Earth?



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