New Students At Stow

Ostrowski-New Students

    There are many new kids that came from another school, from Freshman year to senior year.

    Molly Haas, a new junior in our school came from Walsh Jesuit High School. Haas’s mom loves that she is going to Stow because she went herself.

    Gabriel Hardman is a new sophomore at our school. Hardmen came from Cuyahoga Falls High School.

    Tao Kim is a new freshmen at our school. He didn’t come, far but he came from kent middle school.

    Both Hardman and Haas know people that go to Stow, and have made plenty of friends here too. They say most people have been very welcoming.

    Kim did not know anyone when he came to stow but he has made heaps of new friends.

    “ I left my school for sports and an overall better environment,” Hardman said.

    Hardman plays lacrosse and wrestling. He usually plays football too but he is out because of an injury with an enlarged spleen. Haas plays volleyball for the girls team.

    Kim left Kent to be at Stow because it is much closer to his house than the kent high school because he lives close to the border of kent and stow.

    Kim does not play any sports, however he is in band, where he plays tenor sax.

    “ I came to Stow mainly because of volleyball, and also I know so many people here and have always thought about coming,” Haas said.

    Haas had an easy transition to stow because she lives in stow and as she said she knows people who go here.

    Neither Kim nor Hardman live in Stow. Kim lives in Kent while Hardman lives in Cuyahoga Falls.

    Hardman was not nervous at all to come to Stow because of all the people he already know. He also didn’t need to go to the freshmen day because he already knew where his classes where.

    “Yes I was a little nervous, because it was a new huge environment but I also knew so many people here which made it better,” Haas said.

    Haas said that freshmen day was pretty helpful with finding her class, but either way she would have been perfectly fine.

    Kim said that he was not nervous to actually come to stow but being new and not knowing really anyone scared him.  

    Kim thought the freshmen day was very helpful with finding his, classes now.

     Both Haas and Hardman are taking more advanced classes then there grade because of the classes they took at Walsh and Falls.

    “ Id say it is about the same here as Kent, but I feel better here in Stow,” Kim said.

    Kim though many of the things the students do in Kent we do here at Stow. He also though the atmosphere is better here.  

    The new students are doing great and feel great about being here at Stow.


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