Girls Track finishes rained-out meet

By Lauren Rayman

    The girl’s track team got rained out while facing Wadsworth on Tuesday, April 3. They went back to the Grizzly Stadium to finish the meet on Thurs, April 12.

   “I was happy at first because it was so cold and the weather was gross, but now I wish it wasn’t cancelled because they were on spring break and had a lot of girls missing so we had a better chance of winning,” captain Maddie Merlene said.

    At the first attempt of the meet on April 3, the 4×800 meter relay, 100 meter hurdles and the 100 meter dash had been completed. Freshman Jordan Lyle had already competed in the 100 hurdles.

    “I think I did better today than last week because the weather and the vibes were a lot better than last Tuesday,” Lyle said.

    Despite being ready to run in the poor conditions of the meet last week, the team agrees that running this week was better for the team all around.

    “I don’t think it messed with us. If anything, it gave us more time to practice and prepare for our next meet,” Merlene said.

    Lyle believes that the meet being cancelled last week and rescheduled for this week was better not only because of the weather but because the girls had a bigger team this week.

    Many girls who were injured and unable to run last week had recovered and were able to compete this week.

    These are just some of the benefits of the meet last week being cancelled due to weather conditions, but there are also cons about it being this week.

    “We had to drive 45 minutes again to Wadsworth, and all of their girls came back from spring break, and they were able to do all of their field events from the start, when many of our girls had to do their field events when it was cold and hard to do anything,” Merlene said.

    This was also the second meet of the week for the team and some athletes will be competing at the Walsh Relays at Walsh Jesuit High School on Saturday.

    The girls track team has two home meets next week. They will face Twinsburg on April 17 and Hudson on April 19 at senior night.



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