Senior Survivor kicks off their fight for charity donations–Day one

By Madison Gash

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    Time has come again for the high school to host the yearly tradition of Senior Survivor. This highly-anticipated three-day long event happens once a year around spring break.

    There are rules for surviving the competition–some of which include having to raise fifty dollars in the first day in order to be able to spend the night in the school library, and with that, participants have to make enough money to be allowed to sell the next day.

    For those who earned the advantage of spending the night, they get to compete in mini games all throughout the night as a fun way to bond with their fellow classmates. The main goal of this event is to create a friendly competition between teams of two seniors competing to sell treats and food for a charity of their choice chosen by each individual team.

     This year, some participants  went all out. Not only did they make all the delicious desserts brought back year after year, but they also brought a whole new menu to the table by thinking outside the box.

    They are selling pancakes, waffles, quesadillas, buffalo chicken dip, mac and cheese, nachos, walking tacos, milkshakes and more.

    Teams this year include Nick Montoni and Anthony D’alessandro who are raising money for St. Jude’s, Isaac Edmondson and Nyigel Spann who are also donating their earnings to St. Jude’s, Emma Workman and Corinne Dunton who are donating to the Celiac and Allergy Friendly Food Friendly Initiative, Sarah Laubach and Gwen Shelhorn who are raising money for Animal Aid Unlimited, Grace Flinn and Sophia Boris who are donating to Autism Speaks, Audra Graveu and Moriah Payne who are raising money for the House Of Hope in Ghana, Jacy Guider and AnnMarie McCombs are donating to the Women’s March, Josh Richardson and Logan Edwards are donating to St. Jude’s as well, Sophie and Andi Perez are donating to Palestine Children Relief Fund, Christian Laumbacher and Logan Winters are donating to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and lastly, Kiki Johnson and Brittany Hoopingarner are sending all of their proceeds to a little girl in Vietnam.

    In just the first day, the seniors have brought in over $5056 for their charity, and there is more to come in the next two days. The seniors are excited to keep taking donations each day of the event in order to provide a nice donation to their charities.


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