Photo Club will be snapping images of fun, furry pets

By Brianna Doctor

    Students and families can take their beloved pets for a fun family photo session.

    On Sat, March 24, Pet Portraits will be offering photo shoots for pets and their owners.

    Pet Portraits is run by the high school’s Photo Club. This is the second fundraiser for Photo Club this year.

Photo Club will be hosting a “bring your pet for pictures” day next Saturday.  Interested persons can sign up for this fun-filled fundraiser and smile with their pets. 

    Head photographer and teacher, Steven Pierce, believes the students are very responsible when it comes to running Pet Portraits.

    “The students do all the work, from setting up the venue to photographing the pets. They make all the models look their absolute best,” Pierce said.

    Pet Portraits has not been available to students’ pets for quite some time. Photo Club has not offered Pet Portraits since 2012.

    Instead of offering Pet Portraits, Photo Club has offered Family Portraits since 2011. Pets are allowed to come to the Family Portrait fundraiser, but Photo Club is looking forward to focusing solely on pets this time around.

    “W haven’t done [pet portraits] in quite a long time. We love doing family portraits, but we are very excited to change things up a bit,” Pierce said.

    Since Photo Club has not offered Pet Portraits for a while, they are not sure how many customers they will have. They are anticipaticipating many furry animals to attend.

    Pet Portraits will be available at Double Dog Day Care from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Photo Club members are asking all students to attend with their adorable pets.

    “Please bring any of your pets! We can photograph any animal you would like, from hamsters to llamas. We hope to see many animals and students there,” Pierce said.  


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