Local theater gets facelift

By Shea Sullivan 

    The Hudson Regal Cinema has recently been updated, changing the entire atmosphere of the theatre.

    Before, the theatre was kind of boring, and there was nothing special about it.  The building was just a movie theatre which was obviously the whole purpose and what was needed.

    Yes, it did serve the purpose of a movie theatre, but it did not compare to the newer theatres such as Cuyahoga Falls Cinemark.

    Now, the theatre is up to par with the rest of them. Hudson has reserved seating, updated concession stand and leather recliners in every theatre.

    Also, there is finally someone to take tickets and direct movie goers to their location–mostly to prevent movie hopping.  

    With the leather recliners, there are less seats total than before; however, many new theatres are putting comfort before the amount of seats which Hudson has followed.

    The aisle is now down the side of the theatre instead of the middle like before. One disadvantage is that it is hard to get to a seat if it is in the middle of the row if others have their seats reclined.

    Overall, the theatre is much better than before even without the renovations. It is much more organized, and the theatre seems to have a better system.

    Having a person who takes tickets and guides one in the direction of the movie is much more appropriate for today’s day and age. That could also crack down on people buying a ticket to one movie and going to another.

    The reserved seating may not be favorable by everyone, however. Sometimes it may just be easier to walk into the theatre and pick a seat without having to know where it is first.

    Yet, it does make sense that Hudson now has reserved seating since they now have new seats. It also puts them on the same level as more modern theatres.

    Since Cuyahoga Falls Cinemark has opened, Hudson has definitely lost some money, but hopefully this will bring people back.

    With technology becoming more advanced, this is a big and important step that Hudson took.




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