‘The Boy’–review

By Lexi Gray

‘The Boy’ is a mystery thriller movie about a doll who comes to life and contains an incredible plot with jump scares. Rated PG13, this movie would be a great first scary movie for anyone wanting to try it out.

‘The Boy’ takes place in a small town in England when a young girl, Greta, accepts a job as a nanny in a mansion to help her escape her past life and have some time alone. The mansion is old, ginormous and contains many secrets.

Greta is a sweet and caring girl who is looking forward to babysitting to earn some extra money. She soon finds out that the child is a doll, about the size of an 8-year-old, named Brahms.

The parents act as though the doll is alive in order to help them deal with the death of their son 20 years prior. The parents do not explain to Greta about their past lives. During the job, Greta meets another character named Malcolm, and they soon start to fall in love.

While Greta is taking care of the doll, she does not follow strict orders from her parents, which leads to unexplainable and unfortunate events throughout the movie. Greta’s looseness causes her to believe the doll is alive. Greta faces new challenges as she discovers the truth about the doll and the mansion.

‘The Boy’ is a movie with an unexpected plot twist that will leave the audience breathless and in thought. This adventurous and suspenseful movie will make many want to keep watching and leaves no cliffhangers.


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