Many clubs offer different ways to brighten someone’s Valentine’s Day

Around Valentine’s Day every year, the school offers many different activities for students to participate in.

Student Council has an activity which is ‘Send a Soda’ where students can buy a soda for each other and Student Council will deliver it to them on Valentine’s Day.

Senior Hayden Baer in Student Council explains that many students participate in this activity every year.

“Send A Soda was Coke Grams so I think it has been here for a while at least before I was here and it changed to Send A Soda two years ago,” Baer said.

  Baer explains how the money from this activity goes to a charity of their choice each year.

“10% of everything we make goes to a charity we selected, this year we chose Camp Quality and then the rest we keep and use for events for the school,” Baer said.

Each year they make around 75 to a 100 dollars.

The main purpose is mainly for fun and to make some extra money for Student Council events that they hold later on in the school year.

“It is just a fun thing to do during Valentine’s Day because some other programs do stuff like carnations but cokes are more humorous and a fun thing to do I think,” Baer said.

Along with Send A Soda, there is a carnation sale. Very similar to Send A Soda, students can buy carnations for other students which will also be delivered to them on Valentine’s Day.

Teacher Trina Poole and the group of students attending Washington D.C. are in charge of selling and delivering the Carnations.

The money that is raised is used for the trip that all seniors can attend in the spring.

“We do it to raise money for our annual trip to D.C. in April, we do it because the trip is expensive and it helps offset the cost for kids to go,” Poole said.

Poole and Oregon Corners Florist created the carnation sale

    “We started selling Carnations six years ago when Adam Carlyon passed away. His family,who owns Oregon Corners Florist, thought it would be a good idea to start selling carnations for Valentine’s Day so we have been doing it ever since,” Poole said.

Poole explains how much money is usually made from selling the carnations every year.

“We usually raise about 150 to 200 dollars a year and that is split amongst the students who help out with selling the Carnations,” Poole said.

    Along with the sodas and carnations, Happy also started a new activity this year. The students in Happy decided to send out valentines to a list of students.

The teachers who run the organization pick out a list of students who they believed would appreciate receiving a valentine from Happy.

Teacher Lisa Heilmeier explains how the idea came to be this year.

“The kids in happy came up with the idea but we just decided we wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day along with the sodas and carnations but since we are not an official club we cannot sell anything or raise money so whatever we did had to be free,” Heilmeier said.

The idea branched off from their annual Halloween event, passing out candy to students.

“This is the first time we have done valentines but for the past three years we have done the Halloween candy so we decided to make a play off of that and do the valentines this year as well. The students just donated the valentines and the candy and then we just came up with a list of students that we thought it would brighten their day if they got a valentine,” Heilmeier said.

Overall the school gives many ideas for students to brighten someone’s day and make their Valentine’s day happy and enjoyable.


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