Team EDTTC wins 2016 Turkey Bowl 

By Austin Beamer

The Turkey Bowl is a two hand touch football tournament held by student council. Each team consisted of four players, and some even had coaches cheering them on from the sideline. The event was organized by Maddie Merlene and Grace Labor.

“It was not all that hard to organize, but the hardest part was just finding enough teams to participate,” said Labor.

This years tournament was definitely colder than last years. The temperature stayed around 32 degrees, but near 23 degrees with the wind. All the players had to dress warm, and everyone watching made sure they were not going to freeze.

Each team had to pay in order to play. The money went to two different things. Part of it went to student council for future events, while 10% of all earnings went to The House of Hope. The student council is partnered with The House of Hope to gain money for the organization. 

Every team battled through the cold to try and win the championship. Team EDTTC came out with the win. Their team consisted of Evan Denholm, Nick O’verko, Vince Cook, and Andrew Cermak. They met Team Barb in the championship. It was a hard fought game but Team Barb came up short, making Team EDTTC the 2016 Turkey Bowl Champions.


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