Japanese club seeking new members

Japanese teacher, Kelly Shifflet has been to Japan six times. Every three years she takes a special few students from her class to go with her. Since she has been to Japan many times she can exercise her knowledge through the club. Japanese club is purely cultural based. No prior knowledge of the language is needed to join; however, any student who wants to participate needs to pay $100.Money goes to school fees and activities director, Debbie Husted. Meetings are every other Thursday from 2:30 to 4 in room 114.

Every meeting is different. It is generated based on what the students want to do. Students often watch movies in Japanese with the English subtitles on. Students who are in the club have opportunities to do things that they would not be able to accomplish in the allotted 44 minutes of class.  

Many students are in the club and if a student is interested in joining there are many other peers they can interact with and share Japanese culture with.

“It is for students to get to know other students who are interested in Japanese culture and it gives them time, in the class sometimes we spend a lot more time on the language, and this lets them do some of the cultural things that maybe it’s difficult to do in class, like cooking and things like that. 44 minutes just really isn’t enough time to cook,” Shifflet said.

If interested in Japanese club talk to Shifflet in room 114 for more details regarding the club and their activities.


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