Girls field hockey completes season on a positive note

The girls field hockey season came to an end with an average record of 8-8. Senior captains Maddy Fink and Gabby Kingston led the team throughout the season.

The key players for the Stow Bulldogs defense were the captains, Maddy Fink and Gabby Kingston. Sophomore, Katie Goodenow and Sam Houk.

 The team’s toughest game was by far against Magnificat. The team’s weakest competition was the Orange Bulldogs.   

The team was coached by Virginia Wohlabaugh. This was her second season coaching the lady bulldogs.

Fink said “Im really glad we have her. She’s a great coach and is there for us but doesn’t coddle us to much and pushes us to be our best.”

The girls traveled to Pennsylvania and played two games, and ending the tournament with an astonishing record of 2-0, considering their rough start of the season.

Goodenow said “My favorite part of playing in Pennsylvania was getting our confidence as a team back, after our shaky start.”

The field hockey team’s biggest victory was against Hawken. They went into overtime and with time running out, Houk found the back of the goal and won the game with the help of senior, Jessica Lloyd.

Houk said “My favorite game was Hawken because even though it was a challenging game, we stayed positive and worked together as a team.”

As the season progressed, the team improved their skills and started to win more games.

Junior, Audrey Grone said “Towards the end of the season we got to know each other’s chemistry and started to play like a team with passing and trusting each other with the ball more.”


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