Art classes provide an outlet for stressed teens

     All day long, high school students are told to sit and pay attention, take notes, answer questions and get started on their homework. Any regular teen gets impatient and annoyed throughout their day, since not many actually enjoy school. One of the best ways to get students engaged and destressed is by putting their mind on a piece of artwork.

     Art classes take a teens mind off all the stress of memorizing vocab or figuring out math formulas. In an art class, all that is required is creativity. This daily dose of creativity can come a long way when balanced with a regular education.

    Many teens do not realize how easily creativity can relieve stress. Often times, students can even use their worries to their benefit in an art class by transforming them into a painting or drawing that has a psychological meaning as well.

    Concentrating on the detail of a drawing or the precise buildup of a clay bowl can really direct the mind in a whole new direction, a much simpler state than what most students experience in their core classes.

     Granted many high school students say they hate art or they are simply terrible at all things art related. However, art is really never about skill. The importance comes from the freedom of expression, not the talent that goes into each piece of work.

    Most people have an easy time making the assumption that there is no point trying in art if they have zero natural talent. Not often do people recognize they could be creating things on the daily just for the pure enjoyment or a way to get their thoughts and ideas out of their head and onto paper.

     Another reason creativity is so important is due to the major influence technology has on students today. Any free time teens can find is absorbed by their phones and the cyber world.

     Teens are practically living in stress and this cyber world. Taking just one art class can relieve a student of all their worries and remove them from the hypnotizing screen of their cell phones.

    Everyone should have their own pastime that takes their mind off of everything else in their life  for even just a moment, and an art outlet is the perfect solution to anyone looking for one.

     Requiring an art class each year could even be more beneficial than it sounds, even if students do not aspire to advance skills in art, the peace of mind that comes with the creations can be much appreciated in the long run.





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