Lip sync battle provides money for Akron Children’s Hospital

By Theresa Parr

Often times children need to go to hospitals for help, but some are not able to afford the never ending cost of numerous treatments; however, there is a way to help the less fortunate: a lip sync battle.

Student Council is hosting the first annual lip sync battle to help children in need. All of the money raised will be donated to Akron Children’s Hospital for children to be able to receive the treatment needed. The battle is great for people who enjoy acting.

There is still plenty of time to create a team and a routine. The battle will take place on Tues., May 3 in the auditorium. The time is precisely 6 p.m. and is free of charge.

Students and teachers are welcome to perform. There can be solo performances or group performances; however, the maximum number of people per group is six people. Participants are more than welcome to bring props, but they will not be provided.

“The battle is going to be oodles of fun for everyone and [the battle] will be a great use of time and money,” junior Hanna Riddle said.

Participants will act out or sing to any song of their choice, but there is only one rule: the song must be school appropriate.

Forms are located near the upstairs bathrooms. On the form there is a place to put the song of the participants choice.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the fundraiser and donate money. The lip sync battle is a good use of money and will benefit children in need.

Riddle said, “I think people should participate in the fundraiser because [the battle] is helping people in need. People are able to put their money to good use.”


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