Frankie Peck to play baseball at Hiram College

High school sports infuse those involved with passion and lust for success. For many players in high school, the ultimate goal is to further their careers into college and eventually the professional levels. 

Senior Frank Peck plays baseball for the high school and was invited to play at Hiram College. Peck has been playing baseball ever since he could remember, and he has always been a pitcher.

“I love the game man. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been playing baseball. There is something truly special about the game that makes me really happy,” Peck said.

Peck made the freshmen baseball team in 2012 and was surrounded by great players and coaches. Freshman baseball in 2012 had the best record of any freshmen team ever at 21-5. Peck played an important role on that team and knew he was in for a great high school career.

Sophomore year, Frank played on the J.V. team in the last year of head coach Andrew Cap’s reign. Not only was it his last year, it was most of the staff’s as well, including varsity coach Selek. After a successful year of pitching, and some hitting, Peck was ready to play on the varsity team.

Hard work and training most days in the offseason were the norm for Peck as he strived to make the team. The program was under new coaching who had almost no knowledge of the players. Peck’s hard work paid off, and he made the varsity team his junior and senior years.

Not only did Peck make the varsity team, but he plays an important part as he is the team’s closing pitcher. Finally, Peck’s work and determination led him to the spotlight on the varsity team, and colleges started to take notice of Peck and give him offers.

Many different colleges approached Peck.

“It was a very long and stressful process. I would receive a call from a college coach to go down for a visit. We would talk about their baseball program and how successful of a team they are. I visited 8 division 3 schools; my top 5 included Hiram college, Baldwin Wallace, Heidelberg, Mount Union and Otterbein, they are the top in their divisions,” Peck said.

Peck also received offers from the division 2 schools Notre Dame College and Tiffin University. Peck weighed his options very carefully and decided to go with Hiram College.

“I decided Hiram College was actually my favorite school. One big thing about looking at Colleges is the fit. I decided I did not want to go to school for the offers or the hype of the name,” Peck said.

For Peck, his work paid off and he will continue playing the sport he loves in the next stage of his life.


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