Zayn Malik to release first album as a solo artist

By Maeonne Phillips

Singer Zayn Malik may have lost his band members back in March of 2015 but definitely not his talent. Former One direction member officially left his band on the March 25; however, he decided to keep his music career alive.

After an abrupt departure from his record label with One Direction, Malik left many fans devastated and in shock.  

He left no explanation for his decision until July 29 when he tweeted, “I guess I never explained why I left, it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who I really am!”

Along with this, he tweeted a picture of him signing  to a new record label, deciding to go solo. Since then, Malik has released singles which have caused an uprising of mixed emotions between fans. The songs have climbed the charts on iTunes, yet some One Direction fans are still bitter he left the band.

These singles include “Pillow Talk,” “It’s You,” and his most recent single released March 11, “Like I Would.” Malik’s music genre is described as pop, R&B and sometimes rock, which is different from One Direction’s strict pop style.

At the moment, Malik is making no public contact with his former band and One Direction are dealing with their own career making decisions.

While One direction’s On the Road Again tour ended October 31 2015, the band is now said to be on break, but most fans question whether the members will even be back to make new music at all. This theory is the response to many situations including the length of time they have been producing music and the drama the members have gone through such as Louis Tomlinson becoming a father.

Malik’s first solo album, “Mind of Mine,” is scheduled to be released on March 25, the same day he left the band the previous year. The album can be pre-ordered now on iTunes and with the purchase buyers will receive his current three singles automatically.

Fans everywhere are eagerly waiting for the release and the album seems guaranteed to live up to the expectations.


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