Spotify should be unblocked on school wifi

By Mya Cannon

Music is a big part of people’s lives today. Songs are listened to while in the car, working out, during the school day or when someone is bored.

Buying music may be very expensive as purchasing music off of iTunes can be anywhere from 99 cents to $1.29 per song.

Apps such as Spotify allow one to listen to any music they want for free. If one chooses to download Spotify to listen to music, the music will be interrupted by ads. People will only be able to listen to music on shuffle, and the songs cannot be listened to unless one is connected to wifi or using cellular data.

Spotify has the option for one to join a premium membership. The first 30 days are free but after that it cost $9.99 every 30 days after the free trial is up.

With Spotify premium one can “download” music so it can be listened to without a connection to wifi. Any song can be played at anytime the listener chooses, and there is an unlimited number of times one can skip a song.

Many students listen to music as they are walking in the hallways to their different classes or when there is free time during a class period.

Sitting in a silent classroom can be boring, so many people turn to music to break the silence of the room. Music may also help some students focus on the item they are working on, such as homework.

The high school has the Spotify app blocked so one can only listen to their music on the app if they have purchased Spotify premium or are using cellphone data.

A wide variety of people use music to help relieve the stress they are under, and they may not be able to afford purchasing a song off of iTunes, so they turn to a free music app like Spotify.

Students who do not have Spotify premium cannot listen to music throughout the school day unless they are using data on their phone, which can also be expensive if one does not have unlimited data.

By unblocking the Spotify app on the high school’s wifi stress could be reduced and they will potentially help save students the money they are spending to be able to listen to their music during the school day.



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