Drives should prepare for the winter season

By Alexia Ostrander

Although there has not been any snow or ice so far this winter, drivers should know how to handle situations in this type of weather condition.

Especially to new drivers, winter can be a very dangerous time of the year. It pays to make sure drivers prepare and plan for the snow and weather conditions.

Having reliable transportation is important to ensure a safer ride to and from a destination. A car should not only be in top operating condition all year round, but it is especially important that a car is “winterized” to avoid any unpleasant or dangerous situations while traveling in frigid weather.

Drivers should make sure that all parts of the car function properly. Some of these include the car’s ignition system, brakes, defroster, battery and lights.

Making sure the gas tank does not get low is another important aspect to driving in cold weather.

Although having a phone out while driving is not permitted, having a cell phone in the car is useful if there should be an accident.

Keeping winter supplies which can assist in case of an emergency is also helpful. A car can easily be equipped with essential gear needed for winter driving. In case a car get into an accident or is stuck at the side of the road, one should keep booster cables, blankets, hats, gloves, snow shovel/scraper, flashlight, flares/reflectors, extra windshield fluid/antifreeze and something for traction in the car.

Drivers should also learn safe driving tips to ensure a lower accident risk. Being prepared for the winter weather that will soon come is important to make sure that everyone stays safe on the road.



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