Strong start for Speech and Debate

    By Sophia Boris

The SMFHS speech and debate team began their year on a good note.

There are weekly tournaments held at different schools including the high school, Kimpton and Lakeview. This past weekend the students at SMFHS participated in a tournament at Stow high school.

Perry High School placed first overall for the tournament. Stow ended up placing third overall.

Coach of speech and debate team Ms. Theisen said, “Overall the results were very well.”  

Also sophomore Sarah Laubaugh said, “Stow did really well, I am proud of my entire team.”

Teams are not just judged as a team but also by individual and team performances. There are multiple categories you can choose to compete from. For example, one category you can choose from is argumentative. Every category has a winner.

The speech team at Stow had a  successful weekend in these individual and team performances. Seniors Matt McCombs and Cam Stebbins placed third in duo interpretation. Also juniors Savannah Novak and her partner Elizabeth Angeletti placed fifth in duo interpretation. Along with these performances seniors Maddy Light and Samantha Wilcox placed 2nd in duo. Lastly junior Chloe Holm topped it off by placing 1st in poetry.

Stow’s speech and debate team having a triumphant weekend, Theisen looks to have further success this year.

“Each week the teams getting better,” Theisen said.

These weekly tournaments are preparing the team for districts and states later this season.

There was a huge turnout for this event, with 663 people, and 179 adult judges.

“We could not have done all of this without the help of our parent boosters who fed everyone, the wonderful administration who lets us use the schools for these events, and special thanks to the TWE that stayed all day and helped with electrical issues,” Theisen said.

The speech and debate team does not only work together in school, but they act as one unit. They are like a family.

The SMFHS speech and debate team strives to continue their season on a good note.

Sophomore Annemarie McCombs said, “Ms. Theisen is the light of my world and the love of my life.”


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