Ideas of Halloween excitement vary amongst teenagers

By Alyssa Kuntz

Halloween is a very popular time of year, but with kids and teens growing older many noticed they seem to become less festive, and they do not partake in the same activities as they used to.

Halloween is a time of year where kids usually go trick or treating. While trick or treating, kids dress up in any costume and walk around their neighborhood with friends or family. When they reach a house they all say “trick or treat” and then the neighbor gives them a piece of candy.

However, now, as children get older around ages 13, 14 or 15, they decide that they are too old to go trick or treating anymore. This is the case for many teens across the country.

“I stopped going trick or treating about two or three years ago,” sophomore Hassan Badat said.

On the other hand, some students still like to go trick or treating.

“This year I was a strawberry,” senior Audrey White said.

These students love receiving candy and hanging out with their friends as they trick or treat around many local developments. Trick or treating will never get old for them, and they always feel that there is no set age to quit such a fun festivity.

“I did not go trick or treating this year, but what I loved most about going in previous years, was hanging out with my friends,” sophomore Logan Winters said.

In today’s society, there has been a new attraction becoming very popular amongst teens: haunted houses. Instead of going trick or treating, many kids go to haunted houses where they seek the adrenaline rush and the thrill of being scared.

Another thing teens do instead of going trick or treating is just going to a party. The students may just go to someone’s house to hangout, or they might dress up in a costume and go to someone’s house for a halloween-themed party.

As trick or treating becomes less popular among older adolescents, it can either be a fun time out with friends, or cherished memories of the past. However, as everyone grows older, they still find different ways to celebrate this spooky holiday most Americans seem to love.


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