Orchestra recruits new members

    With a new school year beginning, the high school orchestra is off to a quick start.

    On Sept. 11, just two weeks after the school year started, the orchestra performed a recruitment concert for the fifth graders at Lakeview. The orchestra did the recruitment concert to form the fifth grade orchestra.

    The orchestra spent the first two weeks giving their all to get the songs performance ready. They spent every day  perfecting the songs for the concert.

    They played “I’m Shipping up to Boston,” “Viva la Vida” and  “The Avengers.”

    They had student announcers that announced each song. The section leaders for each section of the orchestra played a piece so the students could hear what the instruments sounded like. They also gave a small description of the instruments.

    After the orchestra played, the fifth graders were able to try each instrument if they wanted to. The students showed the students the basics of how to play so they could decide if they wanted to join orchestra.

    The students are now working on music for their concert on Oct 7. At this concert they will play songs from the recruitment concert as well as new songs.


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