New club opens creative environment for artists

By Emily Schinker    

     A new opportunity is coming to the students of the high school this year. Kennedy Adams, renowned competitive cyclist, and junior Dani Noble, are collaborating to create an art club for the school’s aspiring artists.

    Both Kennedy and Dani are artists in their own right. The club will be open to everyone interested in art, from students who sketch on their homework to those who create large, detailed paintings in their free time.

     All types of art will be embraced, and more experienced artists will be able to give honest, constructive feedback to those newer to the art community and get some similar feedback in return. The group will also serve as a creative, friendly environment where artists can gather to create their art.

    Noble described the club as, “perfect for anyone looking to improve their art skills”.

    Sept. 14 was the first meeting for the club; this informational meeting was hosted by Noble and Adams in the loft of the high school’s art room. The art club will most likely serve as a more open, productive environment, in terms of creativity, than the typical art classroom environments provided during the day by the school would due to several factors. Namely the relative lack of rules and guidelines, the supporting presence of friends and other artists, and the lack of certain pressures present during the school day, such as time constraints and grades on the work produced.

    The quality of the art produced during these sessions could also be used to help beautify the school, with the permission of the artists, and the skills the artists learn and hone, could be used in several other ways to benefit the high school.

    Time will tell how much this art club will benefit both those involved and the high school as a whole, but many people see this new addition to the school as a purely positive one.


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