Guidance offers free school supplies


The beginning of the year can become quite pricey when paying for fees, buying school supplies and new clothes; however, the school has a way to help cut some of the prices that many people do not know of.

For many years, the guidance office has collected school necessities to give to students who are in need of supplies.

They have folders, binders, paper, notebooks, notecards, many writing utensils and much more miscellaneous materials available. The supplies are accessible all year or until they run out.

The child guidance and family solutions counselor, Sally Dean, is the main person in charge of the school supplies. She wants to make sure any child in need of a school item can have it for class. With the help of community churches, like Stow Alliance Fellowship, along with some teachers and students, Dean is able to provide the free supplies.

“It is wonderful to see those in our community thinking of the students who may be in need of school supplies,” guidance counselor Jason Lepard said.

Students eligible do not have to be considered part of a low income family to obtain the items.

“We do not ask for any proof that the student is in need, so anyone can get them,” Dean said.

The generous idea was not founded by a specific person but was more of a group decision by the counseling staff, who are always around to help with any student’s needs.

On average, she sees about 20 people every year who are there to ask for some materials. There may be many more in the school who need some, but students may not even know about the stock.

“I did not know [about the supplies] at all. I feel like they should definitely broadcast it more because I know a lot of kids who could really use it,” senior Shiloh Platt said.

Even though many are not aware of the supplies, teachers were notified to refer students to the office if they notice someone lacking what they need. Getting the word out about its existence to everyone can show how beneficial the donations could be to students.

The positives of the help obtaining the school items stands out; however, some students can see where others could possibly abuse its readiness.

For now, the supplies go to each student who truly ought to have the supplies. If anyone would like to help others by donating any items, new or gently used, the guidance office will be willing to take it.

“It is good that they support people in need. It is generous of them,” senior Megan Marks said.

Knowing that there is such a place to go for some supplies, maybe students will improve their readiness for each class.

“We know back to school expenses can really add up and be a hardship for some families,” Dean said, “and we want to help students come to school [each day] ready to learn.”



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