Freshmen day allows students to transition easily

The class of 2019 once walked and owned the halls of Kimpton Middle School, but now they have transitioned into a new atmosphere with nearly four times as many students in it. Before they made this huge transition, they had a day to themselves to prepare and become accustomed to what they would be dealing with for the next four years.

Their day started out along with all other new students to the high school by being divided into their homerooms, and from there, they broke into groups and did various tasks. Many included ice breaker games, a tour and advice sessions from current upperclassmen. Along with that, within their groups they made their way to the lower gym where many clubs and sports representatives tried to get the freshmen involved.

“I think it was mostly good,” freshman Josof Ruttig said. “I just wish there was more stuff set out at the activities thing to see everything that I could possibly be involved in.”

After rotations of the broken down groups, the freshmen and new students gathered together for a 30-minute lunch break. Shortly after lunch, they all got to have a quick run through of their schedule to meet their teachers and other students in their class.

“I liked how it was just the freshmen and how we had the mentors show us around and help us, instead of teachers. I didn’t like how no one told us where to go after lunch, so everyone was confused. Some people told us to go to homeroom, and some told us to go to our first period class,” freshman Hailee Slapnicker said.

Lasty, the most exciting part of the day was at the end of the day when everyone gathered together in the upper gym for their first pep rally. They learned the alma mater and received a free t­-shirt. The t­-shirt got them into the first varsity football game with a free ticket and free food voucher.

Overall, many freshmen seemed for the day alone to be helpful in the big transition from a smaller school to a much larger one. They are now ready to tackle the new year.

To see pictures from freshmen day click here.


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