Graduating Class Together One Final Time

The Stow High School Class of 2015 had their commencement ceremony on Jun. 4 at 7 p.m. The ceremony was held at the Kent State MAC Center in Kent, Ohio.

The Master of Ceremonies was Shane Riddle and the Mistress of Ceremonies was Marisa Hamilton. Speeches were given by three of the Top-Ten Honors Students: Sadie Norton, Ryan Aho and Ryan Shockling.

As the students received their diplomas, many cheers were heard throughout the arena. Some of the students smiled with pure joy and happiness, while it was evident that others were sad to see all of their friends together in one place for the last time.

With the singing of the Alma Mater and the changing of the tassels, hats were thrown in the air, and the students left the stage and took the first breath of a new chapter in their life.

The seniors will be missed by many  students and teachers at the high school. Good luck class of 2015–you made it.


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