Mr. DiMauro to take new job as Human Resources director

After this year, Chris DiMauro will no longer be the principal of the high school. DiMauro will be taking the job of the director of Human Resources for Stow-Munroe Falls city schools.

Although DiMauro is sad to be leaving the high school, he is excited for his new position in the school district.

As the director of Human Resources, he will be a major component of the hiring process in the school district. This includes teachers, administrators, custodians, and secretaries. He will also be responsible for federal and state accountability for things such as insurance, time cards, school calendars and hours for the staff members.

District-wide programming and terms of staff development also include some of DiMauro’s new duties.

“It is very much a comprehensive job,” DiMauro said.

DiMauro will miss many things when he leaves the high school to pursue his new position. The thing he will miss most is interaction with students and staff. His new role is more centralized away from schools and he will spend more time in an office than in a classroom.

“I’ll still be in buildings, but not nearly as much as I am now,” DiMauro said.

He will also miss the pep rallies the high school hosts and big events he will not be as involved with now. Although he will not be as involved, he will still enjoy coming to football games and other fun events the school puts on. Through these events, he plans to stayed involved in student culture.

DiMauro is looking forward to many new opportunities in his new position and he is excited he will be able to institute change in all schools now instead of just at the high school. He will be working with all 700 employees in the Stow-Munroe Falls school district. He will have many relationships with many different people with his new job.

It is still not known who will be replacing DiMauro. The interviewing process for the principal of the high school will begin sometime next week.

DiMauro said, “My first major task as Human Resources Director is to replace myself.”


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