Man faces charges for bomb threat

A 26 year old Cleveland man was arrested on Friday May 15, for threatening to blow up the high school.

Sprilin J. Edwards called the high school around 11 a.m. on Friday May 8, and told receptionist, Julie Archer, a bomb was in the building and it would “go boom.”

Students were asked to leave the school and calmly report to the stadium. After staying there for an hour student were dismissed from classes and could go home.

“It was really scary and nobody knew what was going on,” sophomore Megan Andrassy said.

The police K9 unit came in, but no explosives were found.

Nobody’s quite sure what Edward’s motive was as he has no ties to Stow Munroe-Falls High School.

His ex-girlfriend lives in the Stow area, but is not a student at the high school.

He faces additional charges of aggravated menacing and violation of a protection order and telecommunications harassment related to the ex-girlfriend.

Edwards is facing charges of inducing panic and telecommunications harassment.


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