HAPPY hosts annual Kindness Week – Thursday & Friday

By Morgan Walko

The Kindness Week events continued on Thursday and Friday of this week. HAPPY put together two more events for the last two days.

Thurs., April 29, students were encouraged to wear their “Live and Let Live” gear. They could add their fingerprint to the Live and Let Live mural outside the auditorium during their lunch period.

HAPPY members were giving out hugs and Hershey Kisses as well. They did this during the three lunch periods.

On Fri., April 30, post-it notes were posted around the school. These post-it notes had positive messages and advice written on them.

In addition to the post-it notes, it was also a Stow spirit day. Students wore their stow gear and attended the pep rally to end kindness week.

HAPPY put together many events to make others feel good throughout the week. Kindness Week was successful and made many students feel happy.

Read what happened Monday through Wednesday here.


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