World Language Week activities begin

To attribute the multiple cultures across the world, the high school’s foreign language classes will participate in a World Language Week celebration.

World Language Week is celebrated from March 16 to March 20.

The activities students participate in earned them stamps, which form into something representing a passport.

In order to prepare, classes hosted many different activities, beginning as early as March 9.

Students are able to create a “Mini Mural,” which would promote WLW. These murals would later be sent to elementary schools so they could color them. Along with this, students could design a poster and submit it in a contest. The deadline for this contest was March 12.

The last activity students could do to prepare for this celebration was donating to the funds to build a Stow school in Mali. They can bring in money Mon., March 9 through Thurs., March 19, and the class who raised the most money was awarded with a donut party.

If all the classes raise $500, Latin teachers Peter Lund and Christopher Fonda will have their heads shaved in the commons.

Students can also teach a lesson to another class, which would earn them two stamps. If a student correctly completed the Teacher Travel Trivia Quiz, he/she earned one stamp. Two other week long activities to earn one stamp are having a conversation with any teacher outside of the foreign language department and wearing a t-shirt that related to one of the world languages.

Day-by-day activities are also available for students.

On Monday, they can participate in a door decorating contest with up to three friends. Doing this would earn the students one stamp each.

On Thursday, students can write a paragraph summary of their favorite and least favorite movie. The review is to be written in the foreign language the student is taking. Also on Thursday, students could visit the local Sweet Frog, where DECA was holding a fund raiser for their Stow school in Mali. In order to earn a stamp for doing this, students were required to bring in their receipt or show their teacher a picture of them enjoying their frozen yogurt.

On Friday, each foreign language class will participate in a trivia day. The students who won each received one stamp.

Spanish teacher Jennifer Hasebein said, “It allows us to celebrate and promote cultural diversity in our school and community.”


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