Athlete of the Month

Some students excel in more than just academics, even though academics are the main focus of high school. Athletics play a huge role in high schools and many student lives.

Each month,  the high school chooses two players: one boy and one girl. Their coaches choose them to be featured in “The Player of the Month” column.

This month, a member of the girls bowling and the boys basketball team will be featured.

This month’s male player is junior Nathan Bower-Malone, who leads the bulldogs with 252 points.

“Nathan is a remarkable player and an even better teammate,” coach Andrew O’Keefe said.

Bower-Malone is the team’s best scorer on any given night. He is an excellent student, an active member of student council and is also involved at the Stow Campus of Christ Community Chapel.

Bower-Malone will be recognized with numerous awards at the end of the season as the leading scorer on the team. He is currently tied for first place in the conference.

“We are fortunate as a school and as a basketball program that Nathan still has his senior year and season ahead of him,” O’Keefe said.

This month’s female player is senior Sarah may (Katie) Schlea, from the girls bowling team. She has had high series in two of their tournaments. Schlea bowled a 544 in the G-Men Classic and a 528 in the Black Tiger Tournament.

“Katie is our only left handed bowler and has improved her average to a 171,” coach Paula Duncan said.

Duncan said, “Katie does not give up, and can turn a game around after a slow start. She always has a smile and encourages the other players to do better. Katie got to anchor the last tournament because of her high series.”


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