PARCC testing update

By Jurnee Starks

Approximately 460 freshman gathered in the auditorium to hear about the upcoming PARCC test on Feb. 18.

Principal Chris Dimauro explained to students the importance of the PARCC Test as it will determine if students will graduate.

Testing began February 23 and originally was to be completed this week; however, with the closure of school on Tuesday, testing days and times now have been modified.

Freshmen completed the second section of English testing today, and tomorrow they will now be taking two tests: English and math. The change in testing allows for all freshmen to still complete all requirements by the end of the week.

Test one will still take place in the morning during periods 1-3, and the second test will begin at 1 p.m.

The second week of testing will still take place during OGT week.  The physical science test will take place on Monday, an American history test on Tuesday and a government test on Wednesday.

Anyone who is currently taking biology will not take the physical science test.

English and math will be taken in the Main and Lower Gym. Last names beginning with A-O will report to the Main Gym and last names beginning with P-Z will report to the Lower Gym.

Anyone in Math I will report to the Main Gym and anyone in Math II will report to the Lower Gym.

Physical science and American history will be taken in homeroom.

Cell phones and any other electronic devices are prohibited and should be in lockers. Purses and book bags are also prohibited.

English, math and physical science are paper and pencil assessments. The history test will be taken online.

Mechanical pencils are not allowed for testing. Graphing calculators are allowed during testing and will be provided if students do not have one.

All freshmen students will report to their first period class for attendance and will then be released by a PA announcement.


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