Valentine’s Day Coke fundraiser sponsored by Student Council

Between Mon., Feb. 9 and Thurs., Feb. 12, Student Council will be selling Coca-Cola pops for Valentine’s Day. Students can buy a Coke for a special someone, and then it will be delivered to that person on Friday Feb. 13.

There are three different types of Coke one can buy, each having its own meaning. Original Coke is for friendship, vanilla is for a secret admirer, and cherry is for love. The cokes are $1, and with the purchase, one can write a personal message for the recipient.

Student Council hopes to raise approximately $200 from the Cokes.

These Cokes will be sold in the commons during all lunch periods.

“The money raised from these Cokes will be added to the money we raise for our Hoops for Heart basketball tournament,” senior Allie Laber said. “All the money between these two events will be sent to the American Heart Association.”


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