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2018 NBA All-Star Game

By Evan Bainbridge

The 2018 NBA All-Star game was done a little differently than in years past. Instead of doing an East vs West game (which is how it is usually done), the NBA decided to switch it up and have two team captains draft their teams for the game this year.

On January 25, team captain, Lebron James, from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and team captain, Stephen Curry, from the Golden State Warriors drafted their teams. James got the first pick in the draft and selected Kevin Durant, from the Golden State Warriors.

Each team was composed of 12 players, and the team captains selected players back and forth until their rosters were filled. The teams, for the first time ever, were made up of players from both the Eastern and Western Conferences.

“I loved the new format they used this year. It made the game a lot more fun and competitive. The only thing that they could have improved would have been televising the All-Star draft,” sophomore Matthew Duffy said.

Much talk has been going on about next year’s game already, and the NBA thinks they will be doing the same format with the team captains, but they will make the draft on TV because everyone wanted to see it. People were tired of seeing the same old East and West teams, so this mix up was a nice way of seeing something that has never been seen before.

The game took place on Sunday, Feb. 18 in Los Angeles, California. The starters for Team Lebron were James, Durant, Kyrie Irving (Boston), Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City) and Anthony Davis (New Orleans). The starters for Team Stephen were Curry, James Harden (Houston), Demar DeRozan (Toronto), Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) and Joel Embiid (Philadelphia).

The final score of the game was 148-145 in favor of Team Lebron. At the end of the game, the winning team selected an MVP of the game, and team captain, Lebron James himself won that honor. James ended the game with 29 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, and he also scored the game-winning bucket at the end to put his team up three points.

Club vs School Volleyball

By Molly Richards

    JO volleyball and school volleyball are two very diverse programs, from the games and practices to the over all goals, both have benefits for players of all levels.

    JO volleyball or Club volleyball can vary in the different age groups and levels of play. In the younger age groups, the schedule is much less intense than the schedule at the high school level.

    Club teams ages fourteen to eighteen, especially national and American teams, tend to have a much heavier schedule. This means having more practices during the week, and as players get farther into the season, tournaments are scheduled almost every weekend.

    During the high school season, the goal is obviously to win as many games as the team can and hopefully advance into Championships. So most of the practices involve preparing for the teams they are going to play.

    The setup is different for Club volleyball. During practices, coaches tend to focus more on individual progression and team chemistry.

     Along with the schedule, the goals of each season also tend to vary. In high school, the goal for the season is to advance as far as the team can.

    The goals each team makes during Club season can vary on the level at which the team plays. It could be about winning however many tournaments, qualifying for Nationals or even winning them.

     As far my season usually goes during Club, my teams goals in the past have been qualifying and going to Natio and also making it to the gold bracket (the top bracket) in every tournament.    

    Considering the team and chemistry between players, the school season is where I have become closest with other athletes.

    While Club season does create new friendships and close knit bonds with players who are not from an individual’s school, during the school season the team becomes a big family.

    In high school, team members are always together whether it be during practices and games or outside of school.

    The experiences may be different, but the bonds created with other players and improvements players can achieve in both seasons makes each special in their own way.    


Cheer girls end their season this weekend in Green

By Lauren Rayman

    The Stow-Munroe Falls High School competition cheer team is wrapping up their season Sunday, February 18 at Green High School.

    On Sunday, the team will be competing in the Green Cheer Competition for the second year. They will be competing against three other teams: Minerva High School, Jackson High School and Lake High School.

    “We went to this one and Chardon last year, and this year we’re just more interested in the schools that are competing at Green. We think it’s higher competition,” junior Michaela Light said.

    The team has competed in three other competitions this year and have improved at each one.

    Their season started in November at the Suburban League Cheer Competition at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School, where the girls placed fourth out of seven teams.

    At Hoover High School in December, they earned first place in the super varsity division and won second place in January at Jackson High School for the Jackson Cheer Competition.

    The team’s routine was choreographed in August, and they have been working to improve it ever since. This usually includes staying after practice for a little longer to work on the routine.

     “We’ve been practicing since our last competition. We usually have practice on Mondays after school for an extra hour after our tumbling practice, and we’ve been doing that in between competitions,” Light said.

    Seeing as it is the last competition of the season, the girls want to make it a memorable one and end the season on a high note.

    “We’ve been working since August, and this is our last one, so hopefully it’s good,” Light said.

    The high school’s cheer competition team is looking forward to their last competition and hope to improve even more next year.