Football continues in playoffs

By Austin Beamer

The Bulldogs once again have made it to the playoffs, finishing the regular season with a record of 9-1.

The entire Bulldogs team practiced all season and has been waiting for the upcoming games with their eyes set now on a state championship. Now, they are only three games away.

“Our team has prepared all year for the playoffs. The regular season was just the beginning. The playoffs mark the beginning  of a fresh start to a new season that lasts five weeks long,” sophomore linebacker Dalton Oshinsky said.

Their first opponent was Canton McKinley (6-4). Stow handled them with little trouble, winning the game 35-10 and ending McKinley’s 2016 season.

On Fri., November 11, the Bulldogs will face their toughest opponent yet, St. Edwards. The two teams met last year in the final four; Stow’s season came to an end when Eds defeated them 45-7.

“Our feeling going into the game against St. Eds is the same as it is every week. Come to work every day with the same mentality as always, which is to stay focused on our assignments as players and to prepare for our upcoming opponent,” Oshinsky said.

When the Bulldogs play St. Eds on Friday, it will begin at 7:30 at Twinsburgh. The theme for the game is pajamas. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday.



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