Movie industry walks fine line with screenplays that were originally novels

It is normal for movies to add or take parts out of books to make them more interesting or to shorten the movie length, but parts of the original plot can be lost in the process.

Many of the recent movies targeted toward teens are based on popular young adult novels, such as The Divergent Trilogy and multiple John Green novels. When it comes to books turned into movies, it can be a hit or miss situation, especially with the teen audience. Today’s teens are often judgmental and opinionated when it comes to their favorite movies. Many movies today come from books from many teens’ childhoods as the books helped many through rough times.

Many movies did well in the box office and others were a flop. Books like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and The Fault In Our Stars were instant successes, while others like Percy Jackson, A Series Of Unfortunate Events and the Twilight Saga did not do as well in the industry.

There are several things that make a good book to film adaptation. The most important consideration when making a book-based movie is the novel chosen has done well on the seller’s list. Nearly all the books picked to be turned into films were at one point on the New York Times Best Seller List. The books are usually not made into films if they do not do well in the industry.

The only exception would be classics, though the book would be circulating for such a long time it would be well-known and popular in a completely different way.

Another way for a book-based film to be successful is to be done well. If a movie is poorly made and doesn’t follow the storyline, it usually doesn’t do as well in the box office. When young adult novels are made into movies, many teens are very picky about how it is made. There are a large amount of teenage girls who read books in the young adult fiction genre who spend a lot of their time on the internet expressing their love for the books. These girls are often described as fangirls. The best way to make the movie and please the audience  is to keep as close as possible to the plot of the book.

In many ways, what makes the movie are the actors. The actors make or break the movie. If it’s a bad actor, the movie won’t give off the right vibe. All the fans have different views on what the character should be like. When casting the characters, the casting agents look for qualities in an actor that fit the character being casted.

If there is a bad actor, then the movie could not end up the way it could be if there was a better actor portraying the character. Teens expect the same image that they got from the character while reading the book and they have very specific ideas.

Book to movie films are a big part of the movie industry in today’s world as every age group enjoys the newest and best movie out. They are go to movie ideas when the industry notices that the book was a big hit, though sometimes it may take years for the book to become a movie. Though a movie could not turn out as well as it could, there is always a chance it could be the next Harry Potter.


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