Therapy Dogs

Amanda Ostrowski
Therapy dogs are used to help those in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, retirement homes, people with learning difficulties, and in stressful and disasters.
There are students here at stow high school that suffer from major anxiety. Since that is what therapy dogs are for students with super high anxiety should be aloud to have one in school.
I do not think that anyone that says they have anxiety should have a therapy dog, there should be guidelines. Whether it is taking a test, having a doctors or psychiatrist note that says it would help them and that they are not faking it.
For kids to have a therapy dog there are alot of good reasons to have one but there are also a lot of bad reasons to have one.
“ I like the idea of therapy dogs and I feel they can really help people out, but I am afraid of dogs,” said Senior Madison Critchlow.
Critchlow sees both sides of views, she understands why people need therapy dogs, but she also knows that it will distract her if the dogs are there because she is afraid of them.
Though to prevent this from happening they could have the dogs maybe just be used when the kids with anxiety are taking a test or maybe even presenting but they would do it in a room where no one is afraid of dogs.
“ Dogs are very cute so they might distract the kids from doing their work,” said Sophomore Kayla Mchale.
Many students would get very distracted from having the dog there, but I think after a while they would just get used to having the dog there just like anything else.
Mchale does think that people should have therapy dogs she just pointed out the fact that students will probably get distracted.
“ I think that they should have therapy dogs at school because it would help them focus better and other students around would probably be more focused after they get used to them,” said Freshman Olivia Evans.
Evans and many more believe that we should be aloud to have therapy dogs for the students who really need it.
Therapy dogs would be a good addition to stow high school not only would it help kids but it might convince other schools just to do the same.
There are many reasons that the therapy dogs should not be at the school: people are allergic, expensive, requires time, and care. There are so many preventions to help many of these problems. I think that what they do for kids, makes up for any of the doubts, or bad reasons for it.


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