Sally Dean addresses suicide prevention

By Lexi Ostrander

    Life is the most important thing on Earth. Sadly there are people that feel as though they are insignificant to the world around them and take their own life.

    Every year since 2009 the high school has Sally Dean, one of the councilors, come down and talk about how students can help prevent suicide.

    Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teens in the United States. This needs to change. There are many steps in preventing suicides and it can start right here in school by looking for the right signs.

    During her presentation, Dean told the class what signs to look for and how to help.

    “One of the major signs is self harm or having a disinterest in things that used to give the person happiness. Another is giving personal possessions away and saying things like, ‘I’ll miss you,’ or ‘I wish I could sleep forever’,” Dean said.

    Since Dean has been talking to students about suicide prevention, more students have come to see her about their problems and how to overcome them. Students can come to her with any problems they have such as family issues, break ups or any other conflicts.

    Everything a student tells her will be kept between herself and the student.

     “There will be no other people involved unless the student tells her they want them involved,” Dean said.

    At the end of her talk Dean handed out “Bulldog Resource Cards” that have hotline numbers and websites that students can go on to to ask questions and go to for help. There is no need for a person to take their own life. Every life matters.


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