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Gymnastics girls flip through successful season

By Lindsey Houck

The gymnastics girls, with a record of 4-1, hoped to push through sectionals and finish their season on a strong note. The team has received the highest score this year since the beginning of last year.

The team as a whole placed seventh out of eighteen teams at sectionals; however, they did not place high enough to take them to the next level of districts.

Individually, senior Hannah Scheilder placed tenth on the floor overall, which is taking her to districts for the individual competition.

“Our team had a very good season. We give a lot of credit to our coaches for bringing us as far as they did this season,” sophomore Gabi Odak said.

Overall, individually and as a team, the girls had an incredible season. Scheilder finished the season scoring highest overall on the team in bars, beam and floor. During the off season club in which Scheilder participates, she is a level 9 out of 10. Sophomore Sara Kasper followed behind her being a level 8 out of 10, scoring highest as an All-Around, meaning she performs all events: vault, bars, beam and floor.

Junior Abby Wagner and senior Jen Rinaldi consistently scored high on the beams as their best event. Odak placed highest overall on the beams against rival Cuyahoga Falls. Odak and Rinaldi both also placed high on the bars throughout the season behind Kasper and Scheilder. The third scoring on vault was senior Emily Hudia. The highest scoring on the floor was between junior Abby Wagner and senior Erin Kolke with Kolke being more advanced in tumbling, while Wagner was more graceful and advanced dance wise.

“Overall, we had a great season and we definitely got a lot closer.  We bonded a lot with each other and over ice cream,” sophomore Maria Cistone said.


Gymnastics girls spring into new season

With a new coach this year, it does not look like the girls gymnastic team will have trouble springing into a new season.

“We have new coaches this year so we are going about prepping differently. We have practice after school and there we practice the events we will compete in,” senior Erin Kilke said.

The past few years the team has been very successful and new coach, Callie Jedrzejek, hopes to continue the tradition.

“I am hoping to improve on the girls skills, create a hard working environment for the girls, create team bonding and of course, have a winning season,”  Jedrzejek said.

This year, the team’s goal for the season is to achieve a score over 130.00 for one meet.

“We want to make it to states this year,” senior Jennifer Rinaldi said.

The team’s biggest rivals include: the Solon Comets, the Cuyahoga Falls Black Tigers and the Hudson Explorers with the Twinsburg Tiger’s trailing behind.

“Our biggest rivals would have to be Falls or Hudson, but I think we are going to beat them this year,” senior Emily Hudia said.

There are a few girls to watch out for this season: Sara Kasper is a level nine gymnast, who will be putting up some big scores this season. She is especially great on the floor and vault.

Hannah Schneider is a senior gymnast and her first time on the high school team. She is a level ten gymnast and will be contributing great scores on the bars and beams.

Jennifer Rinaldi is an all around wonderful gymnast who will be the lead scorer this season.

The girls have a tough gymnastic conference and have to be prepared if they want to win.

Rinaldi said, “We’re expecting this year to be pretty successful. We have a strong returning team and a couple of new girls who will definately be great assets. I’m looking forward to the season.”